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1.17.11  Winter is such a harsh season for my skin. I rarely wear any face lotions or moisturizers because the thought of "animal fat" on my face just makes me cringe! ugh* But I know that as I'm kissin' 30's it's something that I should REALLY reconsider. Aside from dry skin, I also tend to break out under stress and well, the holidays are "the season" for stress.  I'd like to share with you some of my miracle potions.
I'm a HUGE fan of Mario Badescu products. I researched high and low for a solution to major eruptions happening on my face during this stressful 2010, and I discovered Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion.  I swear, you put a bit of this magical pink liquid over night and I PROMISE it will be if not gone, very minimized by the next morning. Just like that! magic!

I then bought Mario Badescu's Whitening mask. This baby will take care of any residue left from past eruptions such as blemishes or uneven marks on your face. I tried it 3 nights on a row and ta-da! Gone!

I now use Mario Badescu's Special Cleaning Lotion "C" because it has some alcohol to remove my daily oils but also has a "baby oil" after scent and I'm all about it. Leaves your face feeling clean and smooth.

The last product I've tried is Mario Badescu's Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30. And this is the one I'm still trying to get used to. Not because the project is not good ( I actually wake up with a nice soft face) but it's the whole "animal fat" thought I 'm trying to shake off. But I'm slowly convincing myself that this is the best for me and the whole SPF 30 is the thing I need with our 113 degree summers!

I hope these products work for you. What's so great about this line is that they carry a huge variety of products for very specific skin problems so it makes me feel like I'm treating a true issue not a "general" problem. what are some of your favorite face products?


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